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  1. I run Malwarebytes (quick scan) and it did found something, which doesn't show up in Detection history -> Quarantined items, but only history. See screenshot (00.jpg). I recently format and reinstalled my windows, and I'm using Avast VPN, I was not actively using it before, so that is the most new thing to my system. Before reinstalling my pc I did notice a change in my system, I was receiving advertises on windows media player, which is uncommon, see screenshot (see: wmp-ad.jpg). see those names (Mark Victor Hansen And Robert G. Allen - TwentyFive) that wasn't the name of my
  2. Below you see MSRT log and i've added AdwCleaner (2 logfiles as attachment). After running AdwCleaner I didn't receive any message to restart the pc, I did restart it manually and after restart didn't receive any log either, so all I could do is use the logs that I could find and there are 2, AdwCleaner[C00].txt and AdwCleaner[S00].txt. MSRT log: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Safety Scanner v1.341, (build 1.341.945.0) Started On Fri Jun 18 15:31:54 2021 Engine: 1.1.18300.4 Signatures: 1.341.
  3. Thank you, I did receive a notification from avast this morning which it said "We've secured firefox.exe[11940] because it was infected with MSIL:NanoCore-B[Trj]". I've added screenshot as attachment "Avast.jpg". That file is not quarantined, I can't find it anywhere Also this morning after Windows started up I saw malwarebytes icon disappear from taskbar and come back again. Search.txt is in attachment aswell. Search.txt
  4. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 16-06-2021 Ran by NYM (administrator) on DESKTOP-U1VBQL9 (18-06-2021 11:19:12) Running from C:\Users\NYM\Downloads Loaded Profiles: NYM Platform: Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 19042.1055 (X64) Language: English (United States) Default browser: FF Boot Mode: Normal ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) ================= (If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.) (Avast Software s.r.o. -> AVAST Software) C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\af
  5. Malwarebytes detected something called event_routing.dll-k.mbam. It says that it's Quarantined, but it's not listed in the Quarantined items. Should I worry about this?
  6. Hi, lately I get a message from Malwarebytes that a website is blocked. It says: Potential threat blocked The following website appears malicious: I Have Private internet access, which I uninstalled today, since then I have not received any messages from Malwarebytes. I have seen many topics about this ip on malwarebytes forum. Do you have any advice for me about this message?
  7. Thank you so much for all this info, I appreciate your support, thank you, it made things a lot more clear. Actually I don't receive any phone call anymore, only 2 and i wanted to block them but got as response that those number don't exist, and about spam I don't get that much, so I can live with. I do have Google sync on so, I have to work on that. Thank you for everything.
  8. Thank you for this info. I'v added AdwCleaner log. I have an adblocker installed and installed Script blocker from ScriptSafe but afterwards I wasn't able anymore to use the button 'Create a new filter' in Gmail 'Filters and Blocked Addresss', I've replaced it with uMatrix and had same issue, after uninstall I could again click on it. I did hard clean up of Google Chrom, situation didn't changed, still receiving spams. Use Password Management i didn't consider it until now, so i've installed that, thank you so much. From what you've seen, do you think changing my phone nu
  9. I'm so sorry, i didn't think enough, I filter spams to get automatic deleted, so those spams in trash which are unread, must be from the filter, I searched the url and it 's in list.
  10. Correction, I said in last post "Also there is a spam in my spam folder", i mean there is spam in my trash folder, and they are unread, it doesn't make sense since I open those mails before I delete them.
  11. I noticed in Malewarebytes Windows Firewall Control log, this notification: Windows Defender, Antimalware Service Executable around 6.30 AM. Also there is a spam in my spam folder, it's unread, received at 2:21 AM, it's not me. Beside that I open the mail to block the user and filter the url and after that I put it in trash. So it's always read when it goes in trash. Gmail Recent activity doesn't show any other IP address/location then mine.
  12. I also need to mention, that since yesterday, I've changed a few things and now I don't receive spams. One is I made this post. I may sound confused/paranoia, but if there is an outside access to my internet then it could follow this post and for that it stopped so I couldn't trace it? Also I run bootscan from Avast, didn't find anything. I also changed in Avast settings, the Core Shields to 'Enable Hardened Mode.'
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