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  1. As have I. It's like my copy has lost it's mind or something, issuing warnings to Dropbox, svchost and various Adobe files.
  2. No, but I do need to say that there needs to be ways of reporting blatant distribution of these things. I may have had trouble finding where this thing was, but I'm sure I know exactly where I got it. The installer downloadable at http://www.cdisplayex.com/ It's that crap that won't let you install without allowing the tacked on garbage.
  3. I'm guessing you can't see the extra information when I link to these. https://gyazo.com/7ad7c29ddbcc593b2368750efd0edfdd The process was centred from mshta.exe, or something claiming to be it. I'd had to do a restart shortly before this to fix some unrelated issues with Origin.
  4. Still here. https://gyazo.com/1657d4d663cf4b798fa5dcdf83bf302d
  5. We're getting off track. We ere talking abou THIS THING, which is NOT generated by a webpage. https://gyazo.com/405c90553d2ec5150766e6c589175d90
  6. Since when? I closed the window and nothing more. I can do that at least.
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