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  1. How do I clear all Protection History and reset all 3 to Zero? Attached screenshot of Malwarebytes Premium main page.
  2. I have been using MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Premium for several years. I auto update every 2 hours. Recently found out about the rollout of MalwareBytes Anti-Ransomeware BETA. Downloaded and installed fine. When I restart my system, the Anti-Ransomeware program icon appears in my system toolbar and system tray. The startup shortcut set itself up as "minimum" which typically does not appear in the bottom toolbar. The icon also is highlighted as if open on the desktop or minimized to the toolbar. See attached screenshot. I have to click on that icon, which opens the program on my desktop, then
  3. Currently running Malwarebytes Premium (latest update) and trial of Anti-Exploit. It was my understanding that they run side-by-side. Recently installed freeware software. I am careful to read each box along the installation path. I never agree to install additional options. Next time I opened IE 11, I was greeted by a different home page than my usual Google.com. It was Trustedsurf.com. Checked my browser startup page, which was still set on Google. Cleaned temp files, restarted and same thing happened. Checked and Firefox, the same. Did a full scan with MalwareBytes, which came up with ZERO.
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