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  1. Ok, I am back in the office and I noticed I did not have a shortcut for MBAE on my work desktop. So, I clicked Restore Defaults in the advanced settings and rebooted. I seem to be okay now. My guess is I messed around with another setting thinking "checking this is better protection", but I am still learning and must have caused the issue. Thank you all for the great advice and for staying with this. I am now back to normal protection levels and can do an attachment in my Office Web Access client without IE getting shutdown. Be well.
  2. Thank you all, I am but I am traveling so I can't test this until I return home later this weekend. I have an older laptop on me and that desktop icon is not causing an issue as that was done by a prior version of MBAE. The office computer desktop icon was manually put there from me, so I will try this solution and report back. Thanks again!
  3. John, thank you for the warm welcome and advice. You were darn close...Turns out I had to uncheck the 'Detection of Anti-Exploit fingerprinting attempts' for it to work. I have 'Disable Internet Explorer VB Scripting' still checked, so I think it was the fingerprinting. Thank you again, now I know where to dive deep in MBAE!
  4. I am perplexed on how to do an attachment from my computer using Office 365 in a browser from my home computer. I am logged into my business account via the browser when at home and the default attachment options show my business OneDrive directory. I had a screen shot of something I wanted to share, so I hit My Computer to select it and MBAE shutdown IE and I got the error message in the attached Jpeg. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a way to stop it from happening? I have a workaround, but the problem is I don't remember it the first time I get shut down an
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