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  1. John, thank you for the reply and the help. I was just signing off and checked my email before I did. I already knew, though checked, that the time and date are spot on. I will do the other step (the diagnostic logs) when I come back on tonight or tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for the help. It is certainly appreciated. Also, it won't surprise me if it is my ISP. Hughesnet does some strange things with some websites and apps that said websites use. It's nothing unusual. Again, I will do said things tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks.
  2. To add (it wouldn't let me edit the original post), I have this version on three computers and it does the same on all. One desktop and two laptops.
  3. Is it just me, or does it seem that the updating of the database takes longer and longer with each successive version of the program? I presently have version#, the free version. Back when I had version the update was very quick. When I would select update, it would take just a few seconds to find the update, and another few seconds to actually download the update. The version after that started the longer times. I can't remember how long it was, but with my present version it now takes approximately six minutes to find the update, then about nine seconds to download it. Is this normal? I remember the first time I upgraded from that previous version I thought something was wrong after about two minutes because it was still searching. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled the original version. One day I tried upgrading again, and after the upgrade, sure enough, it was searching for a long time. This time I just decided to wait and see what happened, and after about three or four minutes it found the update, then updated it in about nine or ten seconds. Again, this present version takes about six minutes to find the update, then about nine seconds to download it. I just don't get it. I have Hughesnet, but have VERY high speeds for them, running about 22Mbps down and 1.6Mbps up, so it's not my internet, and it certainly isn't my computer. It just searches and searches, and I can tell it's looking because the lights are flickering on the modem. Then it finds the update and downloads it in the aforementioned nine seconds (I timed it when I updated it earlier this morning). Is this normal? Thanks.
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