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  1. Correction/addition to last post Error is " Malware bytes anti protection exploit is not started/ The anti exploit process will be terminated"
  2. I've just upgraded MBAE from build 1194 to 1195 as a result of having problems with mbae blocking Google Chrome, and following advice from the forum thread;- Home / Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Support Anti-Exploit Product Support /Google Chrome block with new Trusteer Rapport I ran mbae-setup-, rebooted as per instruction and am now getting the following error (Win 7 64bit Pro, / MBAE /MBAM/ Trusteer Rapport / Avast IS 2016 with MBAE and MBAM exclusions set / google chrome and firefox) prior to mbae recently blocking Google chrome, and running mbae
  3. I Have down loaded and run your 1195 build update and rebooted. MBAE is now not loading, just returning the following error. I think my 1194 build of mbae had been running as 64 bit? So I've now not got any mbae protection (but can get onto Google Chrome!!!) any solutions appreciated. Win7 Pro 64bit, Avast IS 2016 (with MBAE and MBAM exclusions set), Trusteer Rapport) Google Chrome, Firefox.
  4. Thought this issue had resloved (for a week) when I temp turned off MBAE/entered Chrome settings/exited and re-applied MBAE however Problem of MBAE blocking google has returned today, but with a different error code;- Now showing Malicious mmem protection: Exploit code executing from Heap memory blocked. I'm not so keen to turn off MBAE or apply Chrome exceptions at this point
  5. OK This is weird I disabled MBAE, then went onto Google Chrome. looked at settings to note the Chrome Version and plug-ins (didn't make any changes). Then exited Chrome. Re-activated MBAE. tried Chrome for luck and ..... It has allowed me back in ! (Win 7 64bit, Avast IS,Trusteer, Malewarebytes, MBAE)
  6. Same problem for me. Started on Sunday ROP Ggadget attack blocked when attempting to use Google Chrome Win 7(64bit) Avast Internet Security, Trusteer, Malwarebytes(mutual exclusions set with Avast) and Mbae All working fine with each other until yesterday. Now can't get onto Google Chrome. - (am using firefox)
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