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  1. For me the issue was not knowing if the popup was genuine (from MBAM). What made me suspicious of the popup was that clicking on the "x" (delete) in the upper right corner of the popup didn't delete it. After you showed me how to determine it was genuine, I pressed the "update now" button in the popup and it went away. So I think the issue is resolved.
  2. Uh oh! I hit the "Update Now" button in the "toaster popup". I just went to my Dashboard and seem to have the latest database version and there is no "fix now" button. Also, the "toaster popup" is gone. Do you think I need to do anything else? Thanks again.
  3. Thank you daledoc!! It is the first "toaster popup" on the list. I feel much better knowing it is legit.
  4. "Databases Out of Date" Pop-up Window is on my screen with an "Update Now" button for me to press. Is this legitimate (i.e., from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware) or is it a virus attempting to compromise my computer? Thanks. I've had Malwarebytes for several years and never had a pop-up like this before. Also, if I try to get rid of it, it just stays on top of every window I open.
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