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  1. I apologize for the tone of my comment which was inappropriate...English is not my native language... Not at all...expect logs within few hours..... Best Regards
  2. I installed hitmanpro.alert (my first time) few days ago...this issue is 8 months old . ...In any case i reproduced this issue after uninstalling hitmanpro.alert making sure all leftoverfiles,drivers and registry keys are deleted and rebooted Thanks
  3. Its malwarebytes 3.0.5 and still I have this problem!!!! Firefox 50.1.0 Bump!!!
  4. Dear @exile360 Thanks for the reply. Disabling DNS client service did the trick. Its working smoothly now. I am using windows 8.1 pro x64 (November 2016 update) Best Regards
  5. Hello there @pbust I am using malwarebytes anti malware and Dnscrypt-proxy Here's my config: When dnscrypt-proxy is turned on mbam- website blocking does not work....I turn off dnscrypt>flush dns cache>mbam ip test site>working I have noticed that there is a proxy settings on mbam....If possible what should I enter in proxy address and port to make it work? I tried port 53 not working Any workarounds?(or is this the whole point of encrypting dns queries?) Thanks
  6. Thanks for the fast reply.....awesome response time there dev Sorry for the late reply.... Yes tried that.......terminated all of those above..turned of avast....but issue persisted( reminder: this issue occurs randomly(but one pattern i did detect is that it starts after u have downloaded about 5 or 6 files off the internet) and of course for this error to occur u need to have at least one downloaded files in firefox downloads library as the error occurs while trying to open the directory file is saved which u can by right clicking downloads open containing folder.....anyways went to mbae advanced settings and turned off "Malicious Return Address detection" from advanced memory protection {note; this is the first time i touched advanced settings......but fortunately among the 13 check boxes checked by default for Browsers category(which includes firefox) i guessed the right one}....turned off protection and turned on again...guess what when i opened folders by right clicking downloads>open containing folder the error didnt occur and downoads folder[%userprofile%/Downloads] opened without any glitch......then turned on "Malicious Return Address detection" from advanced memory protection ...........turned off mbae protection and turned on again .......tried opening folder.....and error popped up.......So its confirmed that "Malicious Return Address detection" is the culprit here..but thats a key feature of firefox that i want enabled......any more logs i need to give.....any way i can give more(e.g create dumpfiles of mbae....etc) Pls reply soon.......
  7. Hi there dev, Its not a new problem,,,since 3 previous versions mbae cannot let me open firefox downloaded files (used to fix this by CLEAN reinstalling mbae ) Every time i open or open folder from firefox downloads firefox crashes with the error "an exploit code was blocked" memory heap protection or something (included logs below virustotal link Virustotal scan report) I tried to do the same on firefox safemode issue persisted(firefox40-46) . Also tried folder open command from firefox CLI (Shift+F2) got the same error...using avast ,mbae,mbam free,mbarw beta (issue was occuring even before the days of mbarw beta) Any way to fix this????(FRST Scan included) This is becoming a royal pain Thanks in advanced 1Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip FRST.txt
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