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  1. Hi, Thanks for your feedback. The hfs.exe is now not flagged as Malware. However, the ISSetup.dll file is still being flagged as Malware.Heuristic. Is this a real issue or yet to be updated in the Malwarebytes database?
  2. The hfs.exe file came from a TP-Link IOT Upgrade Tool v1 that is run on demand. The ISSetup.dll file came from a Netgear installation under InstallShield Installation Information. Can you check? FYI, not flagged by Norton, although they may be false negative for that application. freport_x2.txt hfs.7z ISSetup.7z
  3. Many thx for your rapid assessment and feedback.
  4. Please can you take a look at this. The file was tagged as Spyware.PasswordStealer and quarantined, not picked up by Internet Security suite on PC. Submitted to VirusTotal, MB and Comodo flagged as malicious but none of the other 54 security vendors did so. Log and 7z zipped file attached. frpreport 23-Apr-21.txt sitecontroller.7z
  5. I did the same workaround and found the same problem, The only way seems to be to stop protection or uninstall.
  6. I submitted a request to Support 10 hrs ago and zero response. Pretty unimpressive given that this is a serious issue.
  7. I have the same problem and have raised a ticket. The issue I see is an interaction between LastPass and MBAE but only with MBAE and LP 4.1.4. On another PC with MBAE and the same LP plug-in Chrome is not blocked. Chrome is 49.0.2623.110 m and there are various other plug-ins but starting these on a cumulative basis (previously disabled all plug-ins in Safe Mode) did not cause MBAE to block Chrome, it was only when I enabled LP plug-in that Chrome was blocked. Hopefully we'll get an update from MB ASAP.
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