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  1. On startup my PC is at 81% ram usage and I have 16gb of ram. Currently my cached ram is 3.2gb and non-paged pool is 1.1gb. I'm on Windows 10 64-bit. I have already tried the regedit fix and that only lasted a day or two.
  2. Did you find anything in the tasks file?
  3. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  4. I have not seen the name of the command prompt pop-ups because it is only there for a split second, 1-2 happen on startup usually, and there is usually 1-2 popping up throughout the day, i was playing a game in this time and when it popped up it minimized my game but the cmd prompt lasted for like a millisecond after it minimized my game. Is this malware and even if it is not how can I stop this?
  5. Once in awhile, at least 4 times today, I would get a message in the bottom right saying svchost.exe with the ip address, etc. Should i be worried? Here is the log from Malwarebytes finding it. Dont mind the 7 days to die stuff, games like that are counted as malware but they are not. svchost.txt
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