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  1. I am working on the finishing touches of our policy and have been going down the Administration guide for each single option in the Advanced Ant-Exploit Settings. I know that most users use or have java "Ugh" on their systems. My question is regarding the Java Protection options, Do the below options have a high false positive history, if not is there anything I need to be aware of that they might interfere with on the clients? • Java Malicious Inbound Shell Protection is designed to detect and prevent remote shell exploits whose payloads rely on inbound sockets. • Java Malicio
  2. I guess my question is, what are if any, the pro's and con's of running the database server on the same box as the software with Malwarebytes?
  3. Greetings, I am going to be purchasing the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security for my company. I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and will be using a hybrid setup. I will have 20 end points, employees connecting VPN to the main office from around the world. My question is in regards to the Database disk space consumption over time, I have many 1TB-4TB drives, though my protected C:"OS" partition is something I keep to a minimal size, with very strict user access rights. I would like to include the Malwarebytes software on the OS partition, I would like to know how much space I will be
  4. I will now go read the forum guidelines in full, that's a 10-4.
  5. Clq - A few things here to check. You might of had a DNS poisoning Trojan on the computer that changed your DNS servers from automatic to custom ones. To check this, go into network settings, adapters, open the adapter properties "Do this for all adapters" Click on the IPV4 then properties, make sure the DNS servers are set to automatic, if there is a custom IP in there, remove it before switching to automatic. Also, Did you run Malwarebytes scan in safe mode? If not there is a chance that the malware is hiding itself, starting in safe mode should prevent the malware from hiding
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