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  1. All good stuff - thanks folks. I will wait for some more heads to hit this - then I think I will have to uninstall 4.5 - then install 4.0 - then 4.5 again because although some 4 assemblies are present in IIS - I do not see everything I probably should - but am not really asure,. The running installer and server/ports greyed out as me looped
  2. Meting all those specs. Am running in domain controllers elsewhere also - using SQL Express - but have also attempted to use a full SQL instance - same on both. Now servername/ports screen on installer are greyed out
  3. TY! Also - when going through the setup now - I put in the codes and then the screen with the servername and ports - is all greyed out and not editable
  4. aDMIN YES - SBS 2011 .NET 3.5 AND 4.5 INSTALLED - MUST BE 4.0?
  5. When I go to install the Management Business console - it sees the SQL 2008 Express and goes onto install - but Error 1001 happens and it tiems out trying to install the dsatabase. Same thing if trying to go to an existing SDQL 2008 r2 instance. Same error no matter what. Any ideas why?
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