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  1. hy so ive noticed that chrome is loading always sth witch is strange so i did a scan with MB *ive got the free trial finished* anyways it found trojans and a key logger and i proceded to delete those , and re checked sayed all good then i proceede with hitman and it found 200cookies and the malware again sooo i did a scan with sophos witch also found it Again..... and proceed to delete the damn thing , buut im pretty shure its still there ... :(... also chrome and akami network service ask for permision form the fierwall... evry time i connect what sophos detected 2016-09-20 1
  2. oh sh** i just noticed i changed a3ed1 instead of the a3ed4 just did the online scan and found Adware.SoftPulse.Win32.159 Zillya File name: a3ed4.msi Detection ratio: 1 / 56 Analysis date: 2016-04-10 21:38:33 UTC ( 4 minute ago )
  3. right so a week has passed 2 win updates and the file is still the same *.vir so yeah so far so good no more blocks made and evrything runs fine
  4. I did the rewrite but win had an update does that matter ? And thanks i Schall watch the protection log and the right corner religiously, but was it a virus of some kind or a false flag ?
  5. File name: a3ed4.msi Detection ratio: 0 / 56 Analysis date: 2016-04-04 07:36:49 UTC ( 1 minut ago )
  6. ive got this do i ignore the extra options and proceed with the instructions or ?
  7. should i be worried about a keyloger ? or mic recordings ? my webcam is already taped XD after the snodin thingy
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