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  1. Friend nikhils..............can you please just read your own forum? Everything I could tell you is listed here over and over again, and frankly, I'm just not interested anymore. Larry
  2. I will check it out, and thanks for the heads up. Larry
  3. Just one last post. I've uninstalled Malwarebytes 2.x from 4 computers. I'm advising friends and relatives that I maintain computers for to do the same. It became apparent that not only was Malwarebytes not going to fix the problems with 2.x, they seem incapable of fixing 3.x, so I'm through. The same has happened with other software, of course. The one that comes to mind first is Acronis. I had used them for several years for imaging but they started ignoring the imaging part and focusing on add ons and bloat. I finally uninstalled it and went to Macrium. They do imaging, only........and they do it just about better than anyone else. I felt the same way about Malwarebytes for a number of years. Sad to say, but I think you've forgotten your mission. I don't have a replacement yet, but at least my computer works, all my software works, and I'm not fighting with Malwarebytes, trying to make it work. It was a great ride and really, I wish everyone well. Good Luck! - Larry
  4. Childish, and emblematic of the attitude I've observed by too many on these forums. Better to just not respond than to do so defensively. It doesn't reflect well on anyone, and it doesn't help anyone. I'm a consumer, I'm also a user of computers over a period of 30 years. I've been in positions/situations where I had to be my own tech support. From the time we bought our 1st pc, a Compaq 286/10 running DOS in @1986 to today, because I just find it easier. I also do repair & maintenance on many PCs for family & friends. I build my own desktops & have for many years. As a "Consumer" I will make the charge that what you expertly refer to as a "driver failure" is in fact a failure caused by MBAM! As I've said already, I don't blame Malwarebytes for any particular conflict, these things happen! What I blame Malwarebytes for is not getting ahead of it. Not admitting and owning a conflict, announcing it, giving guidance on how to deal with it temporarily while it being fixed, and then FIXING IT! Samsung had a problem with the Note 7. Batteries were exploding/catching fire! MIND YOU only a very small fraction of a single percent of the Note 7s they shipped exhibited any problem, but Samsung bought them all back! Not once but TWICE! Along with all the accessories that were sold for it! Millions of units at a cost of billions of dollars! They got in front of the problem, owned it, took responsibility for it and fixed it. They will survive. This. And the response example above doesn't help. I'm now at the point of removing Malwarebytes from my computer, my wife's computer and from the computers of everyone I help. My trust has been eroded too far. I see problems like a BSOD caused by a conflict that shouldn't be, that's denied by software company that claims to be compatible, the blame shifting, confrontational/argumentative responses by staff and forum "experts" and I think, why do I need this? The protective benefits of the software is far outweighed by our computers crashing, or....I have to turn off one of the modules in order to stop the BSOD or in the latest example, Outlook can't connect to Microsoft Exchange with that module enabled. So, go ahead, come at me again. Try and make it look like I'M the unreasonable one. Explain to me just how easily I could fix the problem if only I'd listen to my betters. But I've been told that when I find myself hip deep in a hole, that the first thing I should do is stop digging. I'm asking Malwarebytes to stop digging. Fix the issues that are causing your users problems BEFORE you release version 3. I will tell you, I for one have zero interest in your all in one package. I'm even more not interested in it when the specialized version 2.xxx I'm currently using hasn't been fully useable for most of a year, and apparently will not be for some time to come. Ok, rant over. I probably won't post on these forums again. Things will get fixed or they won't. If they do, I'll continue using the product. If they don't I'll move on. In any case, I wish us all well.
  5. Well this is just blatantly untrue! The only "workaround" for the Bitdefender/Malwarebytes conflict resulting in BSOD was to disable Malicious Website Protection" and that was NEVER suggested by Malwarebytes. The "Fix" appears to have been Bitdefender version 2017 and i believe that came just about a year after the problem started! Hardly a "quickly posted" anything! As far as I know it's STILL the only fix for anyone running Malwarebytes Pro WITH Bitdefender IS 2016. In any case, what point to your post? It's just another defensive post by another thin skinned forum "expert". This forum is filled with posts like this and offers nothing helpful. Gratitude is reserved for unpaid forum members, like yourself, who take their time to actually help others. That is, "help others", not attack them. Otherwise, gratitude is reserved for paid employees who actually provide the product or service they sold and which I've paid money for, but then, that should work in both directions.
  6. 1. Lose the attitude Mr. Potato Head. I don't play well with others who "come at me" with an attitude. 2. If Malwarebytes honestly NEEDS a log file, they can ask me directly & if I can I'll provide it to them. 3. After reading my original post, do you honestly believe that I haven't tried just about every permutation of White List listings possible?!?!? Including different iterations of the same listing e.g., "Office365.com", "www.Office365.com", "https://www.Office365.com". Also tried whitelisting outlook.exe, Office15 folder, etc. Using both Web Exclusions & Malware Exclusions.............The list goes on. None of that works. It will delay the lockdown for up to several hours but it will not stop it......."Quite Easily" or otherwise. 4. I believe Malwarebytes knows about this problem. I also believe they can reproduce it in their labs, if they choose to. 5. I'm not going to get sucked into "Trying to discover what's causing this". I've made Malwarebytes aware of the problem, now it's their turn. Just F.I.X it
  7. Back with a very similar issue as first time I posted here & exactly same resolution. Malwarebytes Pro is blocking Outlook 2013 access to Microsoft Exchange Server, actually disconnecting it and not allowing re-connection. As many will be aware, Microsoft is migrating all Hotmail, Live & Outlook accounts to their Office365 servers. This has triggered something in Malwarebytes & it is blocking access. It is EVEN blocking browser access to Outlook.com accounts intermittently! So that the browser, any browser will return a "This web page not accessible" or similar when trying to access Outlook.com sign in page, or sometimes you can sign in and then it will block access to the actual email page. How do I KNOW it's Malwarebytes? Because I SPENT THREE ENTIRE &*%$% DAYS trying EVERY other solution I could think of including every solution I could find through Google searches including uninstalling and reinstalling Office! Which has broken integration with 2 other software packages I rely on so I will have to uninstall & reinstall those as well. Then I FINALLY realized I should try exiting Malwarebytes just see what would happen. So, I exited Malwarebytes & within a few seconds Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange Server & downloaded my mail. I also had immediate access through all my web browsers. Loaded Malwarebytes back up & with a short while everything was again blocked. Exited Malwarebytes & again, immediate access & connection, over and over, same result. There's something about Office365.com that Malwarebytes doesn't like and it blocks it. Once again the offending module is "Malicious Website Protection". I've figured out, again, that if I disable Malicious Website Protection all is well, Outlook connects to Microsoft Exchange & I have access through browsers. If I re-enable "Maliciouse Website Protection" Outlook is disconnected from Microsoft Exchange & browsers are unable to navigate to Outlook on the Web. I'm not asking for assistance. I have no intention of submitting 47 logs, fiddling with this or that setting or uninstalling/re-installing anything further. I know what the problem is, and this time it is NOT Bitdefender. It IS Malwarebytes Pro Malicious Website Protection. Just like it was when both my wife's computer & my computer suffered TCP/IP BSOD after BSOD until I traced the problem to a conflict between Malwarebyte Pro Malicious Website Protection & Bitdefender. Anyway, in both cases, disabling Malwarebytes Pro Malicious Website Protection FIXED THE PROBLEM. What I AM asking is that Malwarebytes put out a fix for this ASAP. Don't pretend it's just an isolated problem, or it's just a handful of reports, or ask people to jump through a myriad of hoops in some misguided attempt to "fix" something only Malwarebytes can fix. Just F.I.X. it!
  8. I know this is rather an old thread but I think it's worth posting to. I had exactly the same problem, on both my computers, my home-built desktop and wife's laptop. Both running Windows 8.1 Pro, Bitdefender Total Security 2015 & then 2016, and Malwarebytes Pro. TCP/IP BSOD is a result of conflict between security suite & Malwarebytes Pro. WHAT FIXED IT FOR ME was to; disable "Malwarebytes>Settings>Detection and Protection>Malicious Website Protection" & uncheck "Malwarebytes>Advanced Settings>Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts>" And then wait for a fix. Apparently there was a fix in either the latest version of Malwarebytes Pro or Bitdefender 2017, or both, because that is no longer a problem for me. I have not seen even one instance on these boards of anyone admitting there's a problem with Malwarebytes & certain of the security suites out there. Sadly, they will run you through every hoop known to man, have you send them log after log, blame your computer, memory, internet security etc. but never tell you there's a conflict between your security suite & Malwarebytes. I don't blame either Malwarebytes or Bitdefender or whoever for the conflict happening, these things happen, and in my case with Bitdefender, even though I turned off web browser checking/http scanning in Bitdefender it didn't actually turn off. At least with Malwarebytes I could turn it off! Still, I think they could be more forthcoming and admit the problem, tell people how to stop it until they fix it, and then fix it.
  9. I just joined the forum in order post about this problem. I don't pretend to be any kind of expert, rather I'm only a home user so I can't say what the underlying problem is. But I can say what I've done to stop the BSODs. I'm running a home built desktop with Core i7 6700K on Gigabyte Z170X Motherboard with 32GB of RAM. My wife has a Dell 17" Inspiron with Core i7-4510U and 8GB RAM. Both are running Windows 8.1 Pro and are kept updated. The problem started for us, on both machines, late last year just after I built my current desktop and had installed the latest version of Bitdefender Total Security. Reading through Windows event viewer I kept seeing a TCPIP problem. It also only happened soon after we would start a web browser, any browser, Chrome, Firefox or IE. I became convinced that there was some sort of conflict between Malwarebytes Premium and Bitdefender, on both machines. Then, unable to turn off Web protection in Bitdefender I turned it off in Malwarebytes by going to Settings: Advanced Settings: and unchecking "Enable Malicious Website Protection when Malwarebytes Anti-Malware starts" and also Detection and Protection: and "Disabled" on "Malicious Website Protection". This completely stops the BSODs. I've tried twice in the last 5 months or so to reenable Malicious Website Protection in Malwarebytes with the result of having the BSODs start right back up. Disable it again and they stop. I'm convinced that this IS the issue. Both of these utilities are trying to "Protect" our machines at the same time and resulting conflict shuts down the OS. Hope this helps someone else! Larry
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