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  1. Arthi, I downloaded and installed this new version of MBAE on my sacrificial laptop. This version of MBAE appears to work fine with Firefox 59.0.1. I launched new Firefox windows, new tabs, new windows and new private windows from inside an already open window, multiple versions of Firefox open at the same time, etc., and Firefox opened and loaded content in every case the way I asked it to. Tomorrow I will install this new version of MBAE on my desktop to verify that it works there as well. Thanks for your and your team's persistence in researching and resolving this problem!
  2. My bad. Sorry about that. I should have said "Windows Updates through January" which I applied on all three PCs on February 9. We have no further Windows Updates on any of the PCs after that. I was planning to install the February updates this past weekend but got sidetracked by this Firefox problem. So no, no Windows Updates on March 7th/8th.
  3. For what it's worth, adding to this topic for Windows 7 and Firefox 58.0.2 for additional information. Feel free to move to a new thread if it doesn't belong here. On March 8 we received the unprompted update to our standalone copies of MBAE on all three of our PCs. I didn't even realize MBAE had updated until well into the process of trying to debug what was going on with Firefox. All three PCs are running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Windows Updates current through the end of February. All three PCs immediately started having problems with Firefox 58.0.2. Since that update Firefox occasionally will successfully launch and open with the requested page. But the vast majority of the time it tries to launch, it paints the right half of the toolbar, it then shows the spinning circle in an empty page for as long as we let it spin. When that happens we close Firefox and re-try anywhere from one to dozens of times and get the same result again before we get a successful session. If we are lucky and Firefox successfully opens and loads the requested page we generally can keep the session going as long as we stay inside that open window. We can load new pages by using bookmarks or history links or links on the page that do not take us out of the window. If a link tries to take us out of the open window to a new tab or a new window we almost always get the empty window with spinning circle. Firefox behaves the same way with all add-ons disabled and when started in safe mode. Uninstalling MBAE puts Firefox back to normal behavior again on my sacrificial PC. I haven't uninstalled it yet on the other two PCs.
  4. Thanks for responding but I don't want to upgrade to the latest 3.4.4 version. I want to stick with for now and get back my real-time protection . . .
  5. I'm running three PCs with licensed lifetime standalone MBAM Premium and standalone MBAE which apparently updated itself to v1.12.1.37 on 3/8/18. Unfortunately this MBAE update broke Firefox 58.0.2 on all three of our PCs. Most of the time Firefox will start to launch but will stop before it has finished loading the toolbar and will just sit there. I see from the beta forum that this update has been problematic for other people as well. On one PC I uninstalled MBAE and have not reinstalled it yet. Now the MBAM icon also no longer shows up in the task bar. When I manually launch MBAM the splash screen shows 'no protection' in the Real-time Protection field. In settings both Malware Protection and Malicious Website Protection are enabled. Why is real-time protection not turning on? I tried re-entering my license ID and my Key but that made no difference. Should I deactivate and re-activate my license for MBAM to regain real-time protection? Thanks!
  6. I'm running MBAM v2.2.1.1043 (I don't see where else to post for this version) with database v2018.01.27.03 on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. I'm also running ESET NOD32 v9.0.425.0. Since booting up and logging on today MBAM throws constant 'malicious website blocked' pop ups for legitimate outgoing traffic when I'm in 1) Firefox 57.0.4 or 58.0, 2) MS Internet Explorer 11, and Thunderbird email client. MBAM was not doing this yesterday. Blocked items include google.com and related domains like googleapis.com (used by the MBAM site). If I start typing anything into the search box in Firefox or IE I start getting those pop ups. If I type any URL to google into the address bar of either browser I get an immediate error from each browser that the page is not accessible or secure connection failed. This is not limited to google, it happens with many, many sites. On another PC that is set up as identically as it can be, but with MBAM database v2018.1.24.8, none of this behavior is happening. I'm not updating that one for the time being. Meanwhile, I see the MBAM database has been updated to v2018.1.27.6 as I have been writing this and MBAM is still popping up 'blocked' messages for legitimate sites . . .
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