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  1. Oups, just fine with Chrome too, I think the update was not done. Thanks the thread is solved for me.
  2. Hello, I can access to the site with Firefox and Edge but it is blocked by Browser Guard on Chrome 🤔
  3. Hello, I'm very curious so I tried to connect and here Browser Guard is still blocking this site
  4. Thanks @JPopovic I'm a MB Premium user but it doesn't block the site if I disable Broser Guard.
  5. Hello, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks "solendro.com" site. It's a well known shopping site, so I think it should be a false positive.
  6. Thanks @AdvancedSetup I will do ASAP, that's my home PC and I'm working at office.
  7. Thanks @AdvancedSetup for your answer. I'm using the combo WD + MB on two modern PC Windows 10 pro and I made exclusions on both for each other; no problem on one and problem with the other: high CPU usage due to "Antimalware Service Executable". Can you help me ?
  8. Hello @Porthos Thnks for your help. Is this list still valid today ? or should some exclusions be changed ?
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