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  1. Hi @gonzo I think you are right because today I try again and I can download the last update of the day without any problem.
  2. Hello, I was a bit too enthusiast ! Just tried to download the links with my laptop and the problem is still the same...
  3. Hello @gonzo Thanks for your help. I just checked the download of the latest versions and there is no problem ☺️
  4. and also all the links for downloading other windows chess engines
  5. Hello, It's when I try to download "Windows x64 for Haswell CPUs" .
  6. Hello, Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks download on this site http://abrok.eu/stockfish/ . That's a well known Chess site.
  7. Hello @treed Thanks ! I'm in France, that's the explanation. I hope that your iOS app will be available soon in France also...
  8. Hi @alvarnell Thanks for the link, but my problem is still the same... I cannot download Malwarebytes App on my iPhone because It did not appear when I search it on App Store☹️
  9. Hello, I want to install Malwarebytes on my iPhone but I cannot find it when I search in Apple Store. Thanks for your help.
  10. What is the better setting for Malwarebytes ? Recommended "Let Maalwarebytes decides" or "Never register".... ?
  11. Hello @Phone Man Thanks for the trick 👍 And with this setting Malwarebytes continues to work well ?
  12. Thanks @exile360 Can you tell me how I can choose the moment for WD scheduled scans ?
  13. Hello, Today I checked the options of Windows Defender. The periodic analysis is disabled. I don't know if this is a default setting an if it is useful to activate it ? Also I don't know what are the best settings for WD when Malwarebytes Premium is installed on Windows 10 ?
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