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  1. Hi! Well the biggest problem in these things propping up on our network is that were mainly relying on nothing more than complaints that arrive to our abuse department. So although that is useful in most cases, it's not helpful in detecting outbreaks on a more consistent basis. What we have been doing over the past several weeks is to pro-actively search out our name in forums like this one to see whats the word on "the street", as well as using links such as the ones I provided in one of my earlier posts. Hopefully this will help us remove all offending content in the future.
  2. Hi Mystery, Great list. Most of them are defunct though. All the 209.44.126.xx have been removed completely. That whole /24 was killed off. Checking the others.
  3. Hi MysteryFCM, Thanks for taking the time to get back to us. What emails were you sending us complaints from. We have responded to every complaint regarding these specific IPs and we have the record in our abuse ticketing system. I will lookover the records if you can give me the email. Moving on, I've looked over most of the IPs you've included. Alot of them are outdated. All the 209.44.126.xx and 67.212.71.xx were blocked over a month ago. You can also check http://www.maliciousnetworks.org/chart.php?as=AS10929 for the activity on our networking showing a significant drop. And thats in begin
  4. Hello, Can you please give me a list of domains and IP's that are responsible for this block ? Last I checked we removed every offending domains on our network. Thank you,
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