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  1. wboswell

    Change Address For Account

    I did use the form to contact them then they passed me over to Cleverbridge. Cleverbridge just notified me they changed my information, but I don't know if it fixed that product key from not showing up. They also informed me that I need to contact Malwarebytes about this and have them update my account. I've done this already before with no luck.
  2. wboswell

    Change Address For Account

    I cannot select the product key where I want to change the address because it is missing from my account. That is the first problem. The second is one that is showing is set to expire next May and I don't want it to renew because there's an obvious glitch in the system if product keys are disappearing. I'd rather start off fresh. Also at the top of the page are three links for two different bank accounts. Two are for the same bank account and one is for another bank account. There is nowhere to delete all of them. I want to only use one bank account because this is too confusing. The website just will not work properly to allow this. Right now there is a pending charge on one of my bank accounts for the missing product key to auto renew. Since the product key does not show up in my account there is no way for me to stop it. I did not want it to auto renew especially since I have no access to it. Neither Malwarebytes or Cleverbridge will take ownership of this problem. They keep passing the buck to the other. I'm going to dispute this charge when it goes through then have the bank block all future charges from Malwarebytes/Cleverbridge until this is fixed. And before anybody asks I tried another email address that could have been used and this product key still does not show up. I don't know what MB is seeing on their side to warrant a new charge because I see nothing. This is a very frustrating experience and I'm ready to take further action against MB if this is not fixed. The problem is on Malwarebytes end and there is something wrong with their website. This is a no-win situation especially if I'm being charged for a product I have no access to.
  3. I cannot find anywhere to change my address for my account on Malwarebytes or Cleverbridge websites. There also does not seem to be a place to change my credit card information. Malwarebytes website for managing our personal information is the worst I have seen anywhere. I moved recently and it is showing my old zip code. I'm assuming the correct zip code is required for credit cards. The only editing that can be done is for my email address. I tried to change my credit card information for a license that was about to renew, but I cannot select that account. I cancelled it instead because I could not update this information. This shouldn't be a complicated situation if the website was set up properly. I have several active licenses. Also one Malwarebytes license I was using was due to renew soon, but neither Malwarebytes or Cleverbridge's websites show it. It just disappeared even though I had been using it. I deactivated it and am using another license I have. I'm just waiting to see if it will auto renew which was another reason for cancelling one subscription. I don't want to pay for something that I don't need. From now on I will never set for a license to auto renew until something is done to fix this. You can't encourage auto renews if the website is too screwed up to change it.
  4. wboswell

    New Version will not launch

    I had the same problem a week ago. It wouldn't open no matter how many times I double clicked the icon and a reboot wouldn't fix it either. I also received the same error message from their servers. I did a computer restore from a backup, uninstalled what was already contained in the backup then reinstalled Malwarebytes 3. There were still problems connecting to the Malwarebytes servers to update, but that went away the next day.
  5. The Clean tool got rid of the problem. Thank you for the link. Hopefully no more problems with this.
  6. I always change the default settings. I think I have checking for updates set for every two hours and old updates to 6 or 8 hours. It is set to scan three times a day, but many times doesn't get the chance because this computer doesn't stay online all day. I don't think the warnings in my screenshot are normal. I never got them before when I was offline. After doing an MB-Clean, I tested it both on and offline and didn't get the message. Something must have gotten corrupt. With Windows 10 I'm not surprised which is why I frequently restore my system when a bad update is installed. My other laptop rarely goes online except to update MBAM and I only do it because I frequently use the same files on both and there could be a rare chance a file might be infected and MBAM would have old definitions. With all of these ransomware attacks I don't need the same problems I had last year with malware.
  7. I tried to deactivate the previous version ( prior to installing the updated version only the program would not load even after rebooting so I was unable to access the program to deactivate. I had just updated my old version online when I noticed I was using an older version than what was now available. I didn't know there was a new version and wondered why my MBAM was not updating itself. There are no previous versions of MBAM installed and this computer was reformatted recently so there wouldn't be any traces of earlier versions. I have reinstalled the same version of MBAM before if I forget to deactivate it. Since it wouldn't let me open the program I had hoped it would work again, but I was getting other error messages so I decided to do an uninstall then checked the usual folders to see if any artifacts were left behind. There were no Malwarebytes folders to manually delete, but I know sometimes there are. I will download and try it. I thought about using this tool only I couldn't find where I saved it. I've always been cautious having my computer unprotected to install MBAM again. I prefer to download it then go offline to install, but it seems to want to be connected during install. This is a terrible idea. I usually activate the program after it is installed so I have some protection.
  8. I did a new install of Malwarebytes version because when I tried to do it over top my current version it failed. After the installation, I keep getting pop up messages: Network Connection Unable to contact license server. Check your network connection or contact your system administrator for help. Also: Network Error Unable to contact update server. Please check your Internet connection. I'm assuming this is occurring when the software is trying to update when I'm not connected to the internet. I never had this problem before installing I also do not stay online all of the time either. Attached is a screen capture of the message boxes that keep appearing when I am offline. Also a screen capture of my version.
  9. I never allow Windows to update anything. Since my last computer reset I blocked Windows Updates. I don't care about their lies that we need to keep Windows updated for security reasons because the first thing that gets updated are all the bug-ridden drivers that screw up my system. That might be a reason why MB is working after playing around with Services. It may not stay that way for long. I'm keeping an eye on it.
  10. I will only purchase old software from Amazon. I wouldn't touch Ebay because of prior problems with some of the sellers there. I rarely use PayPal anymore, but I should have used them for that scamming company. I didn't even think to use it because I forgot all about it. Age issues. I'm retired too.
  11. Actually I haven't had any problems the last couple of days. Ever since I turned MB off then back on in Services it has worked with no turn offs in the program. I don't know if that's the solution, but so far it is running smoothly.
  12. I can't imagine running any Office software on Windows 7 32-bit. I use Outlook 2016 on Windows 10 64 bit, 8 GB RAM, and a Core i3 and it's very slow so I blame the Office 2016 software. I get those Not Responding messages when I first open it then have to wait about ten minutes for it to be functional. I had to uninstall everything except Outlook 2016 because all of the programs were too slow. It's probably the same for you too. I never had any speed problems with Malwarebytes even when I was running Windows 7 and 8.1 with less memory than what I have now. I would blame the Microsoft 2016 software because it's a memory hog and when it updates you can expect it to get slower. I had that problem recently so I uninstalled all of my Microsoft 2016 software and purchased the 2010 versions from Amazon. It is much faster. Office 2007 and 2010 software is still available on Amazon. I know that Outlook 2007 does work in Windows 7 because I was running it a few years ago with no problems. The 2010 version should work too. The only problem might be Outlook may not be available separately for those two versions. I wouldn't buy the 2007 version since it is not being supported after this summer. I don't recommend buying from any resellers because I was scammed by one recently then they stole my credit card information and tried to clean out my bank account. If you do go that route, use a prepaid card with only that amount then if they steal your card number they can't get anymore money from it. I wish I had done that, but this was a company I had purchased from before and I trusted them. Somewhere along the line they turned into criminals.
  13. Doesn't it figure the two most important protection modules would be affected. I remember when MB wouldn't update from 3.05 to 3.06. It's always something.
  14. I have the same numbers as you.
  15. I occasionally have the problem that MB doesn't load when I first boot up and it is not available in the hidden icons tray. This happened yesterday. I even tried several times to load MB, but the program wouldn't even open no matter how many times I double clicked the icon. I had to reboot to get it to show up. I shouldn't have to do this especially when I'm in the middle of doing something else. Yesterday I tried somebody else's suggestion to turn off MB in Services then turn it back on. For me I haven't had any problems since so hopefully it fixed the problem.

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