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  1. Hi all, two questions: 1.) does Mcafee LiveSafe work well with MBAM Premium? As I read Livesafe is not just an AV but Anti-malware, firewall, cleaner etc too. So just want to make sure LiveSafe and MBAM don't clash with each other. 2.) in your opinion(s) what is the best AV to run alongside MBAM? I have Mcafee Livesafe until July as a free subscription with my PC, but plan to change then as I heard Mcafee is not any good. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  2. I'll definitely have a look at re-installing it. Again, it's not a huge issue it's just to run MBAM I have use a different method now than I did yesterday (and for 6 weeks before that). That's what confused me. I can still update, scan and have real time protection enabled once I get it to run, so I don't think it's a problem persay, just the change in method accessing MBAM was unexpected
  3. Hi, basically on my PC I have two accounts. An admin account and a regular account. I use my regular account 99% of the time and for some reason today MB prevented me from running it's AM. I used to be able to double click the desktop icon and away I went. But now, I need to right click the desktop icon, run as admin and do it that way. Even then, when I want it to run, I can't do run it double clicking the desktop icon. I have to run it via the icon in the toolbar. If this common, that's fine. But it worked with no 'issues' before. I have managed to update and scan since with no p
  4. Yeah, I can do both of those things with the results you mentioned from my admin account, so I am assuming that means it's all set up correctly? Also, thanks for all your help as you have assisted me on a few other posts too, I really appreciate it
  5. Yeah the only time that appears in when I double click the GUI icon from the desktop, so must be okay. I uninstalled it, and installed it from my admin account again (which is what I think you mean). Cheers
  6. Also, one last thing - is it common for Malwarebytes to ask "do you want to allow this app to make changes to your pc" on an admin account? It doesn't do it on my regular PC account at all and only does it on my admin account when I specifically open (double click) the program. Thanks
  7. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but the download link in the email DID work. What I meant was, I couldn't open the previous version I had on my computer so I used the download link in the email (yes, it was from cleverbridge using no-reply@cleverbridge.com). So that's okay, that is the email I downloaded from, the one that as an e-recipt. I am also going to assume it is okay on the admin side too. I used the admin side to activate key for both accounts and on my regular account now once the key has been entered and new version downloaded, it runs smooth. Even when I hover over the tool
  8. The thing is, I have two system accounts. One admin and one regular, which I use for 95% of activities. It required me to add the key on my admin account, so I did so fine and it went from trial to premium automatically. So I logged out, went to my regular account and tried opening Malwarebytes but I couldn't, so I downloaded the new version from the email I received and the first two times, an error message appeared (I can't remember exactly) so I uninstalled the trial version and replaced it with the version in my email and it works fine now. Is there anyway to tell my new Malwarebytes is le
  9. Hi guys, so basically, today I upgraded from a trial version to premium version of Malwarebytes, and I had a few questions: 1.) I bought it using this link (https://store.malwarebytes.org/342/purl-consumer) and received an email with a download link in which I ran (not before deleting the trial version as the install kept failing until I did), did I download the correct/safe Malwarebytes? (running version 2.) Are there any big changes that come with premium? The first scan I have ran since deleting the trial version and downloading the premium is taking longer than normal
  10. Ah okay, if it is a known logging issue that maybe it as it shows the scanning of rootkits during the scan process and I have it ticked so may just be the logging issue. Thanks @daledoc1, useful as always If I have any issues I'll let you know and will show a log file
  11. *Note* I have all detection and protection at strictest level. Advanced heuristics, scan for rootkits and scan within archives checked as well as PUP/PUM treated as malware. Followed by 'malware protection' & 'malware website protection' enabled too. Thanks
  12. Hi, basically I have ran a threat scan and found no problems, but when I look at the logs it always says deep rootkit disabled, even though I have checked the box in 'detection and protection' section. <options> <memory>enabled</memory> <startup>enabled</startup> <filesystem>enabled</filesystem> <archives>enabled</archives> <rootkits>disabled</rootkits> <deeprootkit>disabled</deeprootkit> <heuristics>enabled</heuristics> <pup>enabled</pup> <pum>enabled</pum>
  13. That's okay, I just wanted to make sure there weren't any files/items being missed during the threat scan, but if it sounds like its within normal range that's okay and hopefully it's all sorted. Will definitely be getting premium soon, cheers.
  14. One of my last posts on this thread. Just ran a threat scan today which included rootkits, archives and advanced heuristics; Time: 00:14:20 Items scanned: 259, 000 (not dead on, just rounded up slightly)
  15. That's great. It used to take a good 40 minutes to do now it takes as little as 18 to run a threat scan. Basically, if the threat scan finds nothing, you're all good? Thanks mate That's great John, thanks very much for your help!
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