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  1. I do not go to Major Geeks specifically to check on Malwarebytes updates. I go there to browse through the daily list of software updates that they post. It is just a daily habit. My experience with them is that they usually do not make many mistakes. Also, for some time Malwarebytes is at the top of their site as being "Featured". They obviously receive $$$$ from Malwarebytes for that to be posted there.
  2. As an Official Mirror, Major Geeks needs to be more responsible. In addition, in the properties of the installation file it identifies itself as The file itself is 196MB in size.
  3. Version was posted at an "Official Mirror" site Major Geeks yesterday. The installation file identifies itself as such. However, when you try installing it over the top of the most recent version it remains as such. Also, internal update on Malwarebytes is not updating to the new version. I own three lifetime licenses and saw this behavior on my main PC. I have not tried upgrading the other two units yet. And a comment at Major Geeks from someone else mentions that he is seeing the same thing going on. Now then, Major Geeks has a habit of posting new software versions before they are "officially" released all the time. Not just for Malwarebytes, but for lots of other regularly featured software.
  4. My screen went dark. Had to push power button down to restart the computer. My wife's system became unresponsive also.
  5. Same here ! And the wife and myself thought that it was our computers that were malfunctioning. I have disabled Malwarebytes for now. Please fix this guys !
  6. I am doing that and as far as pleasing me more is concerned, you folks must have seen this behavior that we are all experiencing when you were testing this version on your own machines ? I never can tell on each boot of my machine as to what the program is going to tell me next. I booted 20 minutes ago after work and it said that protection layers were off...so I turned them on and they actually did turn on. Most of the time it doesn't work this way.
  7. I am done as of today. I own two lifetime licenses and this to me is a very sad time. How could they have messed up a program this bad with no fix in sight ?? Going to be uninstalling immediately after work today. Now to search for an alternative.
  8. Very simply...WHEN are you going to fix this still very buggy piece of garbage ? How many more days and weeks are you going to allow this misbehavior in your once fine program to continue ? WE as faithful long time users of your product should not be beta testers and/or trouble shooters.
  9. I have a lifetime license to Superantispyware also, but have not been running it in favor of Malwarebytes. I think that I need to put Malwarebytes on the shelf also. I need to take a look at Zemana. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Malwarebytes is currently a mess. Very frustrating. I am a long time user with a lifetime license.
  11. Same here. Plain and simple...they have a mess on their hands. A once great program is basically unusable now. Sad that the developers cannot fix the 3.0 versions no matter how many new builds of it that they introduce.
  12. New member here just now. Same thing is happening here for me.
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