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  1. I triggered a BSOD today for NETIO.SYS, it has been ok since my last report few weeks ago, I know MB has updated since then, but this time I managed to get system dmp files, I have zipped and uploaded it to my website server for your evaluation. The event that triggered the BSOD was simply me uploading a JPG for an avatar pic via firefox browser at avid.com the system dmp file location has been messaged to admin. Cheers Ryan
  2. Side note: Windows updated, not had any Netio.sys errors since, so far...
  3. I just noticed another problem, it may be related in a lose sense, I have many music applications, some of these are apps that connect to the internet from the developers site which allows me to download my purchased apps. I booted up the Output hub on my desktop it loaded then closed, I then tried again did the same, I disabled malwarebytes and it opened, so I added it to the list of exclusions including web as it connects to the web and it still closed, I then turned off web protection and it loaded up fine. The hub software can be found here on the developers site if you want to see if it loads for you while using malwarebytes https://output.com/hub Cheers Ryan
  4. It is random when visiting that URL., I have tried to force it to get the memory dump but nothing yet
  5. Hi there, cant seem to find the full memory dmp, maybe it did not complete as I remember it hanging at 100% at the time then I hard reset the PC, if it does it again i shall upload it to my server / website. The page that triggered it for me was a link to a page on my website, the particular page has a flash music player by Wimpy which is this one, the browser I mainly use is Firefox latest version. http://phatmonkey.me/#xl_xr_page_new project
  6. Yeah its certain sites that trigger it, thought it was originally a firefox problem, but my own website seems to trigger it if viewing a certain page that has a flash player on it...
  7. Hi there, been googling over the last few days about this netio.sys bsod, thought it was a geforce or a firefox problem, I also updated all network drivers just in case but the problem persists. A user at geforce forum asked me if I were using malwarbytes as some similar problems have been reported, came here and bang... thank god, thought It was going to take me ages to find out what is causing it but u guys have the same exact bsod. I have followed the instructions above and also attached the files requested originally by the admin for analysis. I also attached the Windows dump file but it seems small so not sure if all the info is there or has dumped correctly... mbst-grab-results.zip dump.zip
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