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  1. Thanks Sirlansalittle, In the Chrome Browser, I've turned off Javascript (may restrict some genuine pages though [including this one]), Blocked pop-ups and re-directs and only allowed a few notifications that I prefer to keep. It does seem to be working OK currently, so fingers crossed, your solution works. In the meantime however I've now switched again.... to the Samsung Browser (with ad-blocker included) and Javascript disabled. Seems decent for my needs. Cheers
  2. Thanks for replying Nathan. I've dumped Google Chrome (pity it can't be deleted) and switched to Opera which does not, as yet, seem to be impacted. I tried clearing history & cache to no avail. Backing out of pop-ups didn't work at all; I was simply directed to another pop-up (I've had spoof Google Prizes, YouTube prizes any many more 🙂 ). It's a great pity that major internet suppliers seem to have no recognition of the need to provide a safe, phishing free, environment if they want people to use their services. I'm quite happy to accept non-intrusive advertising but not services which are so open to these exploits. Again, many thanks for your reply.
  3. Yes, I suspect that you are right, as I simply don't visit any sites that could be considered disreputable.... but some do contain ads which 'auto-load. Question now is how to remove it.
  4. Today, whenever I visit the Chrome browser on my Samsung mobile, a scamming/phishing 'Giveaway' pop-up appears (similar to the pic attached). Strangely, I have not downloaded any apps recently that could have introduced this addon/malware so I'm unsure how it got there. Since this appeared, I have purchased a yearly subscription to the Malwarebytes for Mobile (I already have it on my laptop) but it finds no issues in a scan. I have cleared all browsing history in Chrome, restarted my mobile etc. but the popups still appear. Is this kind of malicious addon something Malwarebytes would not detect? Any advice on ridding myself of this stuff (apart from resetting my phone to factory defaults!) would be much appreciated.
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