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  1. Hallo Slartibartfarst, i think you are wrong here, because the subject here is the free beta version of the special anti-ramsomware guard. The mentioned activation is executed automatically by the setup program and requires no user input.
  2. Hello, today i installed MBARW on several PCs and nearly all went fine. Only on one PC the activation failed in the first instance, then i realized an inauspicious inhouse proxy setting regarding gateway and dns-server. After altering this to direct router access the activation was no problem. Maybe an accident, but i don't think so. Thank you for this program. Gerhard
  3. Hello, i had to install MBARW on a couple of PCs here in the house. The first installations yesterday went well. Today only the first two or three, then i had to repeat the installation on two or three, the last attempts failed inspite of many attempts. Is it possible that if failed due to the same IP? I looked in several LicenseConfig.json's of the failed installations; the items are differently incompletely filled. Tomorrow i will try again. Best regards Gerhard
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