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  1. Great advice, JLG. I was thinking of upgrading to Windows 8, but your recommendation of Windows 7 makes a lot of sense. Your post motivated me to learn more and I discovered that Microsoft will continue to provide security updates to Windows 7 until 2020. I'll keep my fingers crossed that Google doesn't cut off Windows 7 any time soon. Your input on MBAM is also much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the response. Personally, my laptop's OS is vista and the anti-virus program is Avast. My antiquated equipment is adequate for my needs so it's hard to justify buying a new laptop. I was also posing the question for others using different OS, especially those who cannot easily afford new computers.
  3. Google is ending updates for its Chrome browser in April for computers running Windows XP, Vista, and select Mac operating systems. The browser will continue working but will leave systems vulnerable to malware and viruses. Will the installation of Malwarebytes be sufficient protection against malware beginning in April?
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