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  1. Hello, attached the log- BR, cserfer cserfer_MBARW_logs_20161102.zip
  2. Hello 1PW and MBARW experts, the alert arrived again. Earlier I did the whole process what 1PW offered, and it has solved the previous issue. Today happened again. I uninstalled the MBARW (deleted the "%ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\" "%ProgramData%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\" "%ProgramData%\MalwarebytesARW libraries during the standard uninstall process. Restarted win7, reinstalled MBARW BETA and tried to run again the SBW Knowledge Base update.
  3. Hello,, etc the "MalwarebytesARW" does not contains the Quarantine folder (185MB). I have sent it in my first message (4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6 .rar files) Best regards, cserfer Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip MalwarebytesARW.zip
  4. Hi Blender, Anti-Ransomware BETA Best regards, cserfer
  5. Hello, received an alert. Possible false. Please check. Attached the quarantined file. Best regards, Ferenc 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part1.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part2.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part3.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part4.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part5.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part6.rar 4e6e9fb3-8add-11e6-80be-2c44fd69bee6.part7.rar
  6. Hello, recived an alert from MBARW when sent the password in the game LOL. By my knowledge LOL handles the passwords securely (encrypts them). Is it possible that the alert was a false alert? This happened during the first start of LOL after the installation of MBARW. Tried to find any encrypted files in the PC (4 cores laptop/Win7) but (fortunetly) did not find any. Checked the extensions *.locky *.omg! *.nobackup *.”html” Attached the zipped MBARW archive folder. Best regards, cserfer Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
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