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  1. OK - gotcha. Yeah, I caught the attitude and tone of that last one, too . . . Again, y'all - thanks for the suggestions and the fast response. <DB>
  2. Well, that was a fun one, wasn't it? To anybody upset that I haven't been able to follow up, my apologies. The response from the support people was very prompt and, had I been able to follow the clear instructions, might have served a purpose. "What about that?" Well, 'what about that' is simply that, when one has a life-threatening situation with a loved on in the house, one does not have time to worry about a minor inconvenience like a pop-up. Before anybody starts getting an attitude, consider that there might be things going on which you know nothing about, but which pre-empt any
  3. I signed up for the beta Ransomware program back about the time it was first made available. I'm assuming that all is well, since I've had no problems - except for this: A couple months or so ago, an update was announced, which I immediately installed. Ever since then, I keep getting pop-ups announcing that a new beta version is available. I can proceed to install it (which I just did about five minutes ago), and literally within seconds, I get the same pop-up. If I just close the pop-up window, it goes away for a random length of time, but returns, usually within the hour. Last
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