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  1. Your links aren't really working because: The ZOEK link just tabs into this same discussion instead of to the website, or wherever you download Zoek. And the link to disable anti virus security is overrun by the annoying pop ads that I'm having.
  2. Here's the text log. FRST.txt I don't think I got an addition.txt log, but I'll keep checking if I missed it. NVM. I found it. Sorry. Addition.txt
  3. I tried the tool and scanned, but the problem still persists. Is there something that I'm missing?
  4. This problem started on the 15th of March. I didn't even download anything. It just popped up right out of nowhere. Here's the problem. Whenever I go to a website such as Wikia, Gamefaqs and Nexus Mods (This problem hasn't happened with Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube) A bunch of annoying ads appear and clog up the screen, preventing me from using anything. Details: An Around the web page appears on the right, blocking the scrolling bar. A video that appears in the middle of the screen, except because of Adblock Plus, it just stays gray. Any links that I click on
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