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  1. Thank you for that - I was guessing it could be a false positive be cause of the location. But I was not ruling out an attack to try and disable anti-virus software in general. I'm hoping that by having MalwareBytes and Windows Defender operating I'm more than adequately protected. For the record, I chose MalwareBytes over Bit Defender because when trying it out MalwareBytes seemed less intrusive for instalation, whereas Bit Defender wanted to change too many settings, and required logging in to operate, which for me has privacy issues. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  2. Update Somehow (I don't know what happened). The icon disappeared and using Taskbar setting I have it returned. So the problem is solved. I'm not sure what would have changed the setting.
  3. Windows Defender found a virus. Which it removed and recommended a reboot, which I did. On reboot Malwarebytes did not load. On trying to load the program manually it does not load. Looking at what the malware references according to Windows Defender it looks as though it has already done damage. So I ask these questions. 1. How can I get Malwarebytes to work again? 2. Why couldn't Malwarebytes erase the problem itself? The screenshot is from Windows Defender. Extra information on the Microsoft WD site does not seem to be helpful. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for all that. As mentioned in my first post, I successfully updated by a fresh installation. I'll let you know if there are problems when it updates in the future. Thank you for your swift responses. Have a great day.
  5. Thank you for the quick reply - It's in the zip file Capella 8.zip
  6. Please be informed that when Capella 8 (Music notation software) updates to the latest version from within the software it fails because MB quarantines the software as ransomware. The only way to upgrade to the latest version is to download the latest version and install from scratch, which MB allows. This is the software in question Capella Software I am reluctant to set this problem as allowed for this folder just in case it weakens protection.
  7. Until today, when I open Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2 to the GUI it was more or less instantaneous. Today, It takes about 10 minutes to respond, and when finally it appears, it is a blank gui with "Not Responding" in the title bar. The rest of the computer seems to be operating fine as expected. This slow reaction for MB worries me a bit because I wonder if the protection could also be compromised. Thank you for any help provided.
  8. Thank you so much for solving this. Your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank You
  9. I tried out Maywarebytes and BitDefender: weighed them both up. BitDefender made too many intrusive and complicated changes to the computer as well as upset the running of the computer to the point that I had to restore an image, and I liked Maywarebytes because of its clean and straight forward interface and limited changes to the computer. Please MB fix this and prove I did not make the wrong decision. Thanks
  10. As instructed in this article I have followed all the instructions including removing completely Version 1.0.xx and installing the latest Web protection will not turn on. It turned itself off about two hours ago. When I try to turn it on in settings the status changes to starting, then switches off again.
  11. I've done all the things suggested above, and still can't get the proggy to activate. Very dissapointed. Similarly my Maywarebytes program is out of date, it used to install updates, now it says I don't have administration rights, When in fact I have. I am loosing confidence in Malwarebytes, and I need to get that confidence back.
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