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  1. Dear Malwarebytes, I am a satisfied and long time user of Malwarebytes products. I have been able to save my OS from very nasty threats because of Malwarebytes. For that I am grateful. I have come across the many issues where Mozilla Firefox would crash constantly, mostly when opening it, as long as Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit was running. I was able to verify MBAE as the culprit by deactivating the Firefox shield, and then running Firefox several times, across reboots, without a single crash. My Windows Error Reporting cache was very big and I had to delete it as it was quite large. I am writing this to help not only myself, but everybody else who has run into this predicament, and that maybe this bug can be de-bugged in a future release. For now I'm keeping the Firefox shield deactivated. Otherwise, I believe Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit works and is reliable. Thanks for all the work put into this software and the AV software. Peace.
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