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  1. OP: OK, Firefox hit the nail on the head. I did not pay attention to the link on bleepingcomputer to download and clicked on a link in the paid advertisement section - you know, the one with the BIG Download button. Stupid is as Stupid does. Downloaded the correct program (MBAM had deleted the other) and all is well - Adwcleaner ran fine, finding nothing amiss. Thank you FF and Mr. Galt.
  2. This is the OP: it was flagged when I tried to run it, not upon download
  3. Yes, that is the location and version of adwclean I downloaded. There was no "redirect". Malwarebytes is up-to-date and I have done several full scans, as well as with my Norton 360 AV and Windows Defender. I can only presume that MWB thinks adwclean is a potential threat and has flagged it as such.
  4. Here is the link I was given on bleepingcomputer was the site URL plus /download/adwcleaner/. (not really sure what you meant by "code tags") I did it twice to make sure I was using the Download link for that specific piece of software. My frustration - if this tool has been used "hundreds of thousands of times", why would MWB itself block it? There were no instructions that said "if MWB flags this as PUP, just add it to the Exclusion list" or any recognition that MWB itself is preventing the tool that Support points me to as malware.
  5. I do not know how to handle this - I opened a Support case (#445729) as MWB was not running per the Schedule I have setup. My MWB install is a paid MWB Pro version. The issue is that the MWB Support tech has been sending me links to adware removal tools that are not MWB products ( they are on www.bleepingcomputer.com per this tech support person's instructions). The first program would not even run on Windows 8.1. The second one will not run because Malwarebytes Pro flags it as a PUP.Conduit danger!! Since there is no way escalate or call MWB Support, I am stuck with posting to this Foru
  6. I manually updated to today's .10 version, restored teh file to its original location and ran a Full. It no longer is flagged as a Trojan. Thanks.
  7. Right, the message come sup as you state, but it is flagged against the file I identified in my post.
  8. The attached zip file and log show mbam flagging a dll that is part of our IBM client as a trojan named TROJAN.XBUILER302. PLease advise ASAP. mbam-log-2012-06-29.txt jpgendc.zip
  9. MWB version 1.46: copying files from SAN storage array, normally at 50MB/sec, now slowed to 10 MB/sec with MWB enabled. happens across all corporate clients.
  10. Just trying to confirm that MW has replicated and is working on a fix to the file copying and Windows Backup performance hit we are seeing with 1.45.
  11. The same performance hit is happening on our 32 bit Win7 PCs as well
  12. We are on 1.45 paid corporate. On Win7 PCs', when doing either a Win7 backup to USB attached drive or copying files off a network drive, we are seeing a 5x-6x performance hit on the PC. Dual core shows one CPU running 50-90% and PC virtually freezes. Turning of MBAM (via unchecking startup box), and performance sees significant improvement. Also, with MBAM on, transfer speed is below 2MB/sec, while with off over 10 MB/sec. Are there any options to have MBAM ignore backups or file transfers?
  13. Nevermind! I found this on another part of the Forum:
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