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  1. All appears to be working fine after restarting. I had installed an app from the windows store a couple days ago. I uninstalled that app after my restore. Perhaps that app along with MBARW caused windows to reset? If I experience issues when doing a hard boot I will update.
  2. MBARW was disabled on system start again, Buttons were not functioning. When restarting, I received a flash notification from Windows 10 about apps. I could not take a snapshot as it did not display long enough. There were 2 of them. Windows reset my desktop, login picture, all my preferences. I restored my system. MBAM Premium did not start, nor did Norton 360. Webroot is fine. I did save the logs before and after I restored. Created a new restore point and will now restart. I will update later. Attaching logs MBAMSERVICE-afterRestore.zip logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.
  3. Definitely false positive! Yes I did add the full path name to the exclusions. There are several posts regarding Webroot detected as a false positive. It was my understanding that this build corrected it. As I wrote in my post, it occurred only when I ran the utility. I am curious to know if the other beta testers who experienced a false positive with Webroot have the system optimizer utility set to run on a schedule.
  4. This just happened to me, Started new topic https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/180678-mbarw-quarantined-wrsa-files-deleted/ http://www.webroot.com/us/en/redownloads There is an option to have your keycode emailed to you.
  5. Webroot has again been detected as ransomware. Detection occurred when running system optimizer. I do not run that utility on a schedule, I run it manually. MBARW message popup appeared with message to reboot, not allowing optimizer to run. I closed the message, stopped protection, rebooted and no Webroot. I followed instructions for false positives by restoring the quarantined files, however wrsa.exe could not be restored for adding to exclusions, that file was gone. I downloaded the installation file from Webroot. It would not run. System restore did not bring the files back. In
  6. Thank you! So far everything is working fine since re-installing. Protection successfully started on system start and buttons are functioning. Tested the button functionality after using the system a while including web activity I was able to stop protection and restart by clicking on the start protection button. Stopped protection again after a few minutes then clicked on the red fix now button and protection restarted. Will update if the issue reappears.
  7. When I started my laptop today the MBARW status message said protection was disabled. I clicked on the red Fix Now button and it did nothing. I then tried clicking on the start protection button, same thing, I did a restart and the status message was system fully protected. A while later I did a full shutdown and also unplugged my laptop. When starting my laptop again later in the day (hard boot), the same thing happened. Did a restart, protection was running. For the heck of it, I clicked on the stop protection button just to see if the button worked. It did, protection stopped, displaye
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