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  1. Since re-installing the programme a couple of weeks ago I find it very stable. I like the logo that is coloured 'Orange' and remains that way until the programe automatically activates. This takes away the problem that I experienced in the past where I tried to activate it too soon which did the opposite i.e. de-activated it and it refused to 're-set'.
  2. Hello, I couple of weeks ago I had further problems with the programme deciding to 'de-activate'. Everytime I re-installed there was no change therefore I uninstalled and waited a couple of weeks. I don't know what you have done but after reinstalling yesterday the programe is working just fine and appears to 'activate' more quickly. Take care. Regards, Yes
  3. Yes


    I reported a few weeks ago that my Anti-Ransomeware worked fine providing I did not open it for quite a few minutes after starting up my laptop. This continued perfectly until yesterday when I started up in a hurry and activated Anti-Ransomeware instead of my email programme. That was a bad mistake which launched my Anti-Ransomeware as 'not active'. Pressing 'Fix now' or 'Start Protection' did not work. I uninstalled the programme and deleted installation info. from downloads. I then went to your website and downloaded the installation programme again. Sadly that did not work. I will give it a
  4. I started using Marwarebytes Anti-Ransomeware (Beta) several weeks ago. It remained 'Active' for a few uses then protection stopped and could not be re-activated. I gave up and uninstalled it but had second thoughts, I re-installed it. It seems to be working just fine the reason I believe is giving it time to 'Activate' after starting my device. I gave it a good 5 minutes (more than enough) then when I clicked on it I was fully protected. Great. Thank you Marwarebytes.
  5. Hello 1PW: Further to my reply above. I have since looked for the items in your para. 2. They were removed when I uninstalled the programme.
  6. So sorry but I am not able to comply with your advice as my knowledge is lacking. Thanks for trying to help. Maybe I had better wait until the Developers manage to fix the problems and then I could re-install the non-beta version. As a matter of interest I did uninstall the pragramme and re-installed direct from your MBARW Introduction site. That did not correct my problem.
  7. Since the latest update the programme remained stable for approximately onoe week even when I closed it before shutting down. Today on starting up the programme was 'Disabled' and 'Fix it' did not work neither did 'Protect' link. I uninstalled and re-installed obtaining the first version which was 'Disabled'. Notification showed that the update was avbailable and this was installed. There was no change and the programme remains 'Disabled' and will not reset.
  8. I was looking up a local restaurant using Firefox when a warning that a ransonware had been detected and placed in 'Quarantine'. Upon checking 'Quarantioned Items' nothing was shown.
  9. On 2oth March I reported that I nolonger 'Close' the programme I only 'Minimise'. This appears to work as it has not 'Disabled' since. Additionally I now only 'Maximise' the programme by 'Double Clicking' on the logo in the 'Notifications' area. So far so good. I hope thjios helps the developers.
  10. Thanks, John L.Galt. I will try that and inform everybody of the result after a few days.
  11. Thank you, wekellyjr. Like mr_cliffw I have already tried re-installing and that did not work. Since posting my earlier comment I managed to 'enable' the programme but when I shut down I did not close it but only minimised it. Next time I booted my laptop the programme remained 'enabled'. Let's see how long that works.
  12. My MBAR -Beta has gone to 'Disabled'. Clicking on 'Start Protection' and 'Fix now'' does not work. Where do we go from here?
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