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  1. Head, Shoulders Kness N Toes By K.I.G B)
  2. i have attched the file B) accicons.zip
  3. Ah ha it belongs to microsoft office access 2003 as via the logo. Do you still wont me to upload it?
  4. Hi all Is detected a windows 7 file. Or is this a real malware?
  5. Hi all Belongs to http://www.freecap.ru and therefore is not a malware
  6. Sorry, I can't edit on here. Do i have to reset the program in order to get the Rules.ref to active the new the database file?
  7. Hello Just a quick question, Is there a way i can update from the network [From this pc] as i have 4 computers on the network, Mainly for saving bandwith really. If not can this be a suggestion? Im running Windows XP Pro SP3 Francis
  8. You can go into the C:\Documents and Settings\Francis\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ and right click and select Scan with malware anti-malware Francis
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