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  1. Well thanks again for your help Hope all is going to be good This case can be closed
  2. Thank you again for your patience & help. Do you think all is well now?
  3. Have reinstalled the program & then ran a scan Still a bit slower but not as bad. No threats
  4. Yes I did, Sir Antimalwarbytes program is no longer on here
  5. Again, I hope this is correct Thanks FRST log.txt CheckResults 2.txt
  6. I used to run this quite often but always had to pull it up. It is popping up all the time & says it is scanning As you can see, Judy who is quite familiar w/ the program, feels that this window should not be popping up automatically and when I try to close it, it says that a scan is in progress & asks if I REALLY want to close it Can you advise 1 Attached Images
  7. If you feel that the problem has been corrected & my puter is safe, I just want to give you my sincere thanks for you help You guys are fantasic I will never be able to comprehend how you know all this. One question tho. I have noticed the last couple days that the Antimalwarebyte window is popping up just about every time I log on. Never did that before. Is that normal. Again Thanks a bunch
  8. As mentioned ealier, I can be as dumb as a stump. I followed your directions &all I got was another scan. The directions seem to be above my payscale. Did not understand some of the lingo Ie, c&p command etc. First part was no problem
  9. I hope this is correct Again thanks for all your help Malware log.txt
  10. Only as you directed after the first scan was finished. Were you able to determine if I have Avira problems? Are you saying that it is clean & I have not problems????
  11. Scan finished Here is the log Also during an early msg there was mention of my Avira having a problem. Malware log.txt Also while I think about it, the last couple scans have been, what seems to be much longer than it used to be. I have always used the Free version. Is the one I am using the same?
  12. Am running a threat scan as we speak & should be completed momentarily. Will post log then Thanks again
  13. Finally I figured out how to do the disk clean up It just finished. Is there no log, etc.
  14. Not sure if you got my last msg but I was able to Run as Admin but nothing happened Grrrrrrrrrr
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