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  1. Got great news it's fixed seems be a malware related issue and didn't have rootkit selected so it wasn't being shown with malwarebytes. My other virus protection software also failed to detect it so looks like I be finding a new virus protection thanks for your help
  2. i was told to make a new topic here about my anti ransomware beta not activating Anti-Ransomware Beta Your license failed to activate link
  3. thanks for your reply. this is a strange one normally everything is fixed after wiping everything of the pc and starting again but not this. sure here is the zip files you asked for MBAMService.zip config.zip
  4. i have turned off windows firewall and i have disabled avg and malwarebytes anti malware. uninstalled ransomware restarted my pc made sure they are all still disabled and reinstalled ransomware but i am still having the same issue. this is not just happening on one pc itshappening to my second pc aswel
  5. thanks for your reply. i have fully uninstalled the program and made sure no folders about anti ransomware beta are on the system. only folders are for malwarebytes anti malware i reinstalled it back but still my license failed to activate since uninstalling wiping all the anti ransomware files i have made a brand new zips to help me try resolve the issue logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  6. thanks for your reply. i have checked the firewall and i can confirm anti ransomware is allowed though the firewall. and the files was changed to the files below and restarted the computer but it didn't fix the issue Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip logs.zip
  7. after the brand new update to anti-ransomware beta. i keep getting the error your license failed to activate. so i removed all files and reinstalled and boom the same error your license failed to activate so i used iobit uninstaller to wipe everything that contains anti ransomware beta then reinstalled and i am still getting the same error. i was going to anyway so i wiped my hole system and reinstalled windows 10 then the first program i reinstalled was this and i am still getting the same error. i give up nothing more i can do
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