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  1. :-) Problem being without tweaking Windows 10 updates when Microsoft wants it to and there is not an option to disable that. I've modified my install so i have control over that but i am also very security focused so i tend to hit the check for updates now / install button. BOOM.
  2. I have the exact same experience. On booting my machine this morning the anti ransom ware popped up with a message telling me Officeclicktorun.exe was bad and was quarantined. On checking there was nothing in the quarantine. All my Office apps stopped working. I removed anti ransom ware fearing other stuff might be affected. I restored the deleted file from a backup but Office still did not fire up so I did an online repair via add remove programs. The quick repair option did not work but the online repair did after which I had to reenter my product key for office. Hope that he
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