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  1. Hi Garioch...Yes I do have Cybereason RansomFree on my PC. I am so grateful for your expert response as I would never have solved the mystery on my own. That explains why the various malware scans came up negative. Redgards..
  2. I have been finding files on my Dell XPS8900 running Win10 home, in the Documents folder that are not of my creation. They seem to have a pattern: all are at the beginning or end of the alphabetical list of files(folders begin with letters A or Z and always have a number at the end). Example: Zscans164. They have several various file types such as Word and JPG files. The file names are odd. I deleted them all a few days ago and ran a Malwarebytes scan and Kapersky AV scan with no malware detected. Now new ones are popping up daily with the same odd pattern. There is nobody else using my PC. I am baffled. They don't appear to be harmful. It almost seems that I have a type of malware but cannot detect it. I have no other issues with this PC. I have attached an example.
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