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  1. CatByte: I Received the following message after attempting to run SFC in safe mode with networking: "Verification phase of system scan 100% complete. Windows Resource Protection could not perforn the requested operation. Please Restart your computer when System File Checker is Finished. Press any key to continue." Upon following next step of open repairs, select all then start repairs now I received thus error (this has been a constant issue when I have ran this part of the program today and prior to my initial post) "The current repair has failed to start for over 30 sec. Trying Again...."x4 times receiving this message. Then : " The current repair has failed to start 4 times. Something is keeping the repair from running. Try running the repairs in windows safe mode" (the state the system is currently i is safe mode with networking, by the way) ." If the repairs still fail then please post in the tweaking.com forums for support".
  2. CatByte: The message about unable to connect to a windows service also shows up in safe mode. I ran step 3 subtask 1 (see if check disk is needed-No Restart Required) -upon completion to the right of that task in blue font was "No Errors Found On The Drive". I Have attempted to run check disk at next boot but the command is always bypassed and boots to regular start and desktop. I even used the stand-alone tool by tweaking.com to attempt to bypass this issue called advanced system tweaker for just that purpose and it went through once said there were some bad sectors (about 5600 kbs or so) but did not fix and loaded to normal desktop. I am now running task 4-SFC and will reply with results upon completion. I wish I could access the log that says what is causing the system event viewer issue but I am never able to get to it because it seems like this issue doesn't allow users to log on for administrator access-when I click on the message to view log report, windows explorer has a problem and needs to close.
  3. CatByte, I also wanted to mention that new connected usb devices that were not previously in use by this system attempt to load drivers for use but it fails, making these new devices unusable on this system. The usb connections are fine and function properly though.
  4. CatByte: Ran fixlist.txt as instructed, completed without an issue, restarted as instructed by prompt. No fixes, repairs or changes ever appear to remain permanent because when system restarts, issues and problems remain. The same message appears when system loads to desktop about inability to connect to a windows service system event notification service. I had help uninstalling stubborn programs here previously and I see there seems to be some registry remnants (backblaze). The system is still rather sluggish and slow. The only other thing I saw attached to this error msg is that it could be related to nvidia driver update, but I am not sure what is going on or why.
  5. CatByte, New logs attached. Thanks for having a look! Search is still running, will post upon completion. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hi CatByte, While the system was completing the defragging process last night, there was a power outtage. Should I reattempt a defrag, or just run FRST with explorer search string?
  7. I have enabled all services, which prompted a system restart, after which I went to add/remove programs, then to system defrag, which us what the system is in the process of completing, 8% thus far, guessing it will take awhile. Will post new reply upon completion or if any problems occur in the process of executing steps outlined above. Thanks for your help!
  8. CatByte: Following preliminary instructions as requested. Will post any problems encountered if any as I go along. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! back in May, I was receiving an alert on my computer "Failed to Connect to a Windows Service-System Event Notification Service". For some reason, this error seems to be getting in the way of my ability to make permanent solutions or fixes to the problem, (after attempts it alerts me changes aren't able to be made in read-only mode), such as using tweaking.com software, ( ran the SFC and Chkdsk options through the windows all-in-one suite, in safemode as recommended, and it gave an error message that it failed 4 times to fix-bypassed the run at restart prompt and restarted normally without SFC or chkdsk scanning as commanded) etc, I opted to restore my system to a previous point in time, which was before the issue began surfacing. The restore went through fine, and after running tweaking.com the system was running speedier and was more responsive. After finishing this, I went on vacation, and one of my children was using the system, and started reporting problems to me about it running extremely slow again. I was told all they did on it was play The Sims (until it completely quit working), and Minecraft, but it became difficult to even play that because the system was so slow. I returned yesterday, and attempted to run a chkdsk, and scheduled it for the next reboot, however, the command is constantly bypassed, because the system starts as though it was never asked to run anything. Changes made with SFC or disk checker do not remain permanent, the same situation occurs at next reboot and logon attempts. The main issue seems to be surrounding the System Event Notification Service, because due to that, it doesn't seem to allow anything to be done, and this message even shows in safe mode, so I have been unable to get away from it in any form of safe mode in order to attempt to figure out what's going on. I would appreciate any assistance or guidance that can be offered concerning what is going on. FRST logs have been attached. Thank you so much! Addition.txt FRST.txt
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