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  1. Works on my machine and we will try it on clients. Thanks
  2. I have this problem at 4 different companies where we have had to uninstall MWBARW. Your website says the latest version is beta8 - build Your post says 1.1.19. What is the best URL to insure we're getting the latest version?
  3. We deploy MWBARW on a number of clients machines and like the product. However, starting last Friday, we have found that when we run some existing software the computer instantly goes to BSoD with FLTmgr.exe as the cause. Disabling and/or deleting MWBARW resolves the problem. On my personal machine, a tiny program called "CheckDNS" crashed the computer. At several companies, any program that had its roots in Visual FoxPro caused the crash. On another machine Dell ScanManager couldn't be in installed. In all cases, we have had to remove MWBARW.
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