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  1. I tried installing MB again, but this time I did not experience the popups so I consider the matter closed. Thank you for all the information.
  2. I tried to install Malwarebytes Free with Browser Guard twice a few minutes ago.At the end of the install I was taken to a web page where I encountered a bunch of popup windows for some kind of fixit or add-it thing and the popups kept popping up faster than I could keep up with them, so I closed the browser and when I restarted it, the poipups were gone. Could this be a result of my using Firefox 84.0 64bit in a sandbox (Sandboxie 5.33.3 64bit)? If bnot does anyone know what happened? I was not installing the MB program within the sandboxed browser, but I have Firefox set to run sandboxed
  3. I go a false positive on eudora.exe v. which I have been using for many years, downloaded originally from the vendor's site . I am using the latest version of MBARW .09.17.661 which I have been using for many months and it never detected eudora.exe as RW before. I rebooted as instructed I disabled MBARW as instructed I restored the eudora.exe file with a backup I had made before rebooting, because the instructions for reporting were in an email I had drafted before rebooting, and I could not open it without the eudora.exe file. I right clicked the file in quar
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