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  1. Briefly: I was infected with the malware I noted in this thread (grupter.exe and reg_win_5018.exe): Both have since been added to the database and MB took care of them. However, I'm still getting the two .EXE files back in the windows folder after being online for a few minutes and they're back to doing their thing. Run the scan, MB removes then, after less than 5 minutes, the files are back. Lather, rinse, repeat. This only happens when I'm online; shutting off wifi prevents the files from respawning. So. . . either another file or infected file is downloading these files from online somewhere or being online sends a signal to a file on my computer to respawn those naughy .EXE files. Windows Defender, HijackThis (nothing amiss in that report), Spybot, MB and F-Prot can't find the file that's causing the respawn. Suggestions? Thank you!
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