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  1. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/231004-database-out-date-issues/
  2. nope, if i tell mbam to not register with windows action center you can have, as I now do and always had before, two simultaneous AV
  3. I am wondering if my computer has been breached OR something changed with MBAM. i just noticed that windows defender (Win 10 x64 1709) was disabled and it indicated that MBAM was the registered AV. this has never been the case, in fact WIndows Defender was active less than 24 hrs ago. the MBAM Settings>Application>Windows Action Center has ALWAYS been, since day 1 of using MBAM, set to the recommended setting. MBAM is now v i dont know what version was running before that, or when it got updated, but i use my computer all day everyday and it is set to auto update both app and AV definitions. THE QUESTION: did the latest MBAM change something related to how it registers with Windows Action Center that caused defender to deactivate or is there some other reason for this I should be worried about?
  4. Thank you, Pedro. Are you Brazilian by any chance? I forgot to mention I had already tried to follow those steps. I tried again this time, but instead of trying to delete it I ran clean-mbae.bat. That did it. The protection is active - I ran the (calculator) test. I still have a couple folders from older installations I cannot delete. I tried to do so under the administrator account, running an elevated command prompt and issuing a del to all the items in the folder C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (stuff from 2014) and C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (a setup file from 2014). I have no clue how to delete those... Thanks again.
  5. I am (was) running the current version of MBAE. I started getting "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Protection is not started. The Anti-Exploit Process will Be Terminated" after this morning's Windows 10 x64 update (now 10586.122). I found this solved-mbae-protection-is-not-started-the-anti-exploit-process-will-be-terminated. So i uninstalled, retarted, tried to remove the folders (files and data), couldn't do it. Ran the clean-mbae.bat as administrator: how-to-remove-mbae-leftovers-after-uninstall/. It says it worked fine, I rebooted, but the files are still there. Tried to reinstall any way. Told me it might conflict with EMET. Uninstalled EMET. Restarted. Did install again. Problem persists. Uninstalled. Restarted. Tried to zip up the program data folder, can't access it. can't copy it. Tried to take ownership of this folder, can't do that either.
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