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  1. Hi daledoc1, thanks for looking at this problem. See attached log files as requested. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt MBAM Daily Protection Log.txt
  2. I'm running Windows 7 SP1, fully updated, with MBAM Home (Premium), database version, set to load on start-up. If after start-up I try to run Internet Explorer (v11.0.9600.18204), a skeleton window appears that never populates; it closes after a few seconds. In Task Manager, 2 IE processes appear, one of which closes when the skeleton window closes; the other one persists for 30 seconds or so, then closes. If I close MBAM, IE will then run normally. If I then manually load MBAM again, IE still runs normally. If I prevent MBAM from loading on start-up, IE runs normally. If I then load MBAM manually, IE will still run normally. To summarise: it seems that MBAM is preventing IE from running unless IE has been run before MBAM loads. All IE add-ons are disabled (I have tried resetting IE). Can anyone help with this problem? - thanks.
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