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  1. Maybe it isn't compatible with MBAM. Try other AV like Panda, Kaspersky, etc.
  2. It's mostly user preference. The best thing you can do is try it. You can always go back to Chrome if you don't like it.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I'll bookmark it for reading later. Anyway, we got this BeyondTrust product last week. We're hoping that it'll help us manage our vulnerabilities.
  4. I prefer dogs more than a cat. I do have two here in our house.
  5. Baidu Antivirus is something that I have not expected to be that good for security. It is an excellent free antivirus program for me recommended by a techie friend.
  6. We want to get track of malicious urls. Do you know any other way other than to get an expert to do the checking of our website codes. How do we find all vulnerabilities to protect our network? Is there a tool to manage vulnerability easily?
  7. Likewise, I also have that kind of virus issues and same here, I also tried to disable the apps.
  8. I totally agree. A lot of viruses are around the web especially we use the search features. Various sites appear. This is the reason why online security is important.
  9. I don't know much about it but my daughter who has been using Windows 10 is also telling me to use the site. Well, Its a good news if any cyber threat could be a lot easier to deal with or resolved faster.
  10. This is also an issue for me. Windows 10 keeps on popping and offering me for its free download. However, I just ignored it. By the way, I heard that Microsoft has released a tool already that allows us to block updates from being installed on Windows 10 .
  11. Hi, Newbie here. I'm listening to the song " Collide" while browsing the malwarebytes forum site : Howie Day - Collide - YouTube
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