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  1. Got a Win 10 Insider Update last night and this morning when I signed in after the restart it was running without having to click on anything.... I've noticed that there are several different programs that work fine after a restart, but fail on a cold start (which is what I do most days....) Have a great night, everybody!! ladyhacker :-)
  2. Alas....I'm back to the program failing to start again this morning... Probably has something to do with the fact that last night when I shut down my computer, after having the Anti-Ransomware running fine (to all appearances anyway) all day, Windows said it had to "Repair" something and displayed the little sad face for a bit (didn't take long to fix whatever it was), and then it restarted. I was ready for bed so I didn't log all the way back in, just shut it back down from the icon in the bottom right corner of the rocks/ocean login screen, then started it cold this morning... Ah, but tomorrow is another day!! Have a great day, everybody!! ladyhacker :-)
  3. Ah! The program was disabled when I booted up this morning, as it has been since I installed, but today I was able to START IT!!! :-) The software tells me I'm protected today...oh how I hope that's true!! :-) Have a great day, all!! ladyhacker :-)
  4. I just installed last night and the program was up and running, and then I shut down my computer around 11:30pm. When I turned it on this morning and checked it around 8:30am, the window says the Anti-Ransomware Protection is disabled and clicking neither Start Protection nor Fix Now turns it back on. I'm a Windows 10 Insider, so I'm running Evaluation copy. Build 14271.rs1_release.160218-2310, but reading SteveMA's post above, it appears that perhaps the Windows version is not the problem... I look forward to the fix, and please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day, all!! ladyhacker :-)
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