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  1. Hello everyone. I just signed in a few moments ago. The Anti-Malware program worked great in the last days since installation, but now this is becoming a more serious problem. I know what rules says about uTorrent and I believe it is the cause of the adware spam. Like a week ago I was searching for a soundtrack to download and found a torrent for it. At the time I didn't have the application so I downloaded it. After that, sometimes when I accesed web pages that were not Facebook, Youtube, or any derived page of Google, I would get some advertising (was it sending me to a new page or including in the actual page. At the time it was not so invasive but still identified it was an adware. Made a scan with AntiMalware, found some things and deleted them. Only last like one or two days when ads start poping again. I have made several scans and even if AntiMalware finds something the browser stays same. Worst part is that now I can't browse peacefully cause almost every page redirects me to any ad or if they load en the page they completely destroy the design and even don't show anything (just a blank space with the label of "by SOMEPAGE") and an eternal page loading. uTorrent is now unistalled but guess it just doesn't care now. I'm worried about this cause maybe it is taking a priority on my internet connection and even another applications that use it may be affected. Here are the logs of AntiMalware and FRST. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (if there is any issues cause of the language, let me know) FRST.txt Addition.txt was a bit large so it is attached. Addition.txt Anyone who read this post, thanks for the attention and sorry if there are some grammar/spelling errors (I'm not a native english speaker).
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