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  1. OK, glad if I can help. But a strange observation: I get notes to my e-mail address about a new post here, and when I open the link I get: We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C How about being noticed by the Anti-Ransomware when there is an update or upgrade? I did not see that option...
  2. Yet the setup file offers to choose where to install... I like to have a certain order, such as all antimalware in one folder, all office-related applications in another, etc. It appears that Anti-Ransomeware somehow marks the file to be "quarantined", so that it no more works. My question actually was about how such a mark can be reversed, even in a case like mine, where it accidentally (don't know how) was also marked for deletion (but was not deleted...). Restoring a somewhat older restore point may also change some other things back to earlier states which would not hap
  3. I suppose that it should make no difference that I installed it in C:\_ANTIMALWARE\Anti-Ransomare...
  4. I did it and it runs. Still a question is not answered: What could I have done if I could not replace that file? Except what I least want: reinstall the application...
  5. Silent i shame? Such a thing should not happen! But I could copy PDExploNXP.exe from my laptop to the desktop after renaming the blocked one to PDExploNXP.0xe. Then it worked. But Anti-Ransomware still does not work. I will have to reinstall it. It will have occurred when I tried to open a PDF with PowerDesk that for some reason did not want to run. That PDF should then have been blocked and not the PDExploNXP.exe!! If there is something wrong with it ... But I checked it with Emsisoft, MalwareByte and SuperAntispyware. Nothing suspicious found. Yet PLEASE let me
  6. Now I need help!! Your bad beta disabled PDExploNXP.exe from my PowerDesk 9.0 Professional that is most certainly not ransomware!!! If there would be one in the folder I tried to open, a PDF-file, it should in that case have disabled only that file and not the filemanager - but that file will be also safe. I wanted to restore the quarantined file, but got the message that a file marked for deletion cannot be restored. I then entered it as exclusion and restarted. PDExploNXP.exe did not work. Neither did you anti-ransomware!..The latter told me: " Problem Event Name:
  7. By the way, that alarm never came back. even after several restarts.
  8. This must be a false positive. explorer.exe was reported but not quarantined. I wonder what would have happened if it had been... Log attached. MBAMSERVICE.zip
  9. Yes, it can be clicked down to the tray, but it could in a new version also be given a "Settings" window where one could choose the option to start in the try right away,
  10. OK, done, didn't seem to change anything. Tried again with starting the portable application Tweaking.com Technicians Toolbox with my Power Desk file manager and this time got no ransomware alarm.
  11. The one zip is obviously too big to get through... 58.6 MB...
  12. Here they come. I have installed the application in C:\_ANTIMALWARE\Anti-Ransomware and not in C:\Program files. MBAMSERVICE.zip
  13. I started the portable application Tweaking.com Technicians Toolbox with my Power Desk file manager and got the alarm for ransomware. The alarm referred to PDExploNSP.exe in Power Desk but did not quarantine it. I clicked the alarm away and it did not return. Definitely a false alarm.
  14. It would be nice if this application would reside only in the task tray, when running, and not occupy space in the toolbar.
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