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  1. A user reported that the following link of ours was blocked by "Malwarebytes Browser Guard because it may contain malware activity" - https://get.highendclient.com/training-video-dw-1 I attached a screenshot of the blocked message. It says the website blocked is the domain itself - get.highendclient.com There is no malware on our site. I've tested it with several platforms so I don't know what you guys are blocking it. Please update it as soon as possible. This is stopping new potential clients from being able to sign up for a sales call! Thanks, Matt Barcus
  2. Today's database update (v2016.02.26.05) has blocked access to clickfunnels.com, as well as some of their subdomains. www.clickfunnels.com - static.clickfunnels.com - assets3.clickfunnels.com - appassets.clickfunnels.com - Those are the IP's and associated domains that I am seeing blocked as a "Malicious Website". Clickfunnels is a SaaS platform that provides customizable landing pages for people to sell things, register for trainings, give away information, etc...essentially a Sales Funnel. We use them for ourselves and about 30 clients of ours as the main landing page for a variety of products and services that we sell. We even have order form/payment pages on there too. I don't know why you have blocked them today, but you have essentially shut the doors to any new business for us. We've had to stop email campaigns, paid Facebook ads, etc that direct customers to a landing page built on clickfunnels. Please update your database asap!
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