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  1. Appreciate the informative response(s)! I'm using MWB on my daily Mac, so although I agree MacOS and MWB is 99.99% likely to prevent the installation of malware from an installer, I can't risk trying it just to prove that it works Which leaves me a bit stuck. I've tracked down a number of MWB articles regarding the proper methods of testing it, all of which are beyond the abilities or time of even many enthusiasts. I appreciate that MWB seems to have evolved a newer, more efficient way of monitoring things. But as a representative consumer trying to decide between MWB and the usual
  2. I'm a bit confused as to how Real-Time Protection works - at least regarding detecting new malware files? I'm testing a Premium Trial version of MWB on my Mac (using Catalina). To test things, I downloaded the "Bundlore" malware file from the Objective-See malware library and unzipped the Bundlore.dmg file into a folder within my Downloads folder. After doing this, MWB did not show any alerts, nor did a manual scan show any suspicious items. Uploading the file to VirusTotal confirms that it is malware. Would I have to (hypothetically) actually need to open the .dmg fil
  3. Aha! Your mentioning, "launchagent normally activated after you boot..." got me thinking I hadn't restarted my Mac since the initial installation. Sooooo... after restarting, the icon showed up in the Menubar. All is well now Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the clarification! Looks like Setting, General (tab) and turning OFF Usage and Threat Statistics is also a necessary step. Now if I can just get the Application Icon to show up in the Mac's menubar...
  5. Does MWB for Macintosh ever upload user files to MWB's servers for analysis? Or are all scans and analysis performed locally?
  6. It's actually a .tmp file, but I changed it to .txt so I could upload it... MSI143.txt
  7. Yup, I just got the same thing while trying to update Skype...
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