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  1. Dear MB, is there any news on this subject yet..?
  2. Anyone got a hint how to deinstall mbarw? Doesn't show in control panel...
  3. Yeah, it keeps popping up from time to time - rarely enough though, that I just take it as it comes. It's definitely caused by MBARW.
  4. Okay, it's not been 15 minutes, I admit. But doing what you want me to, requires me to update flash player - which I am not willing to do. I am actually trying to get rid of it... Thanks anyway - and out. Don't read(!): If you want this to be succesfull (or even reasonalbe) at all, make it somewhat user-friendly. Just sayin'... BRGDS, MB
  5. Your administrator objects... Quite frankly, theres a bit of work to do... Will try again in 15 minutes or so...
  6. Hello..? Jokes aside, I actually dont see, how I could include anything... Sorry... BRGDS, MB
  7. Not even the graphics that would illustrate my problem...
  8. Hello 1PW, thank you very much. Miraculously, the issue has vanished into thin air! Switching back and forth works just fine now. I guess, there's no point then in posting any zips..? BRGDS, MB
  9. Hi there and Thanks for providing this software. I have the following issue to report: After installing 0.9.14 with Admin rights, I wanted to switch over to a user profile. Unfortunately, that didn't work out in so far, as I was informed by windows, that my "desktop is prepared" (in german though, I don't know the applicable wording in english versions) and prompted to what seemed to be a "guest" account or something of that sort. The good news is though, that after a restart, I was able to access the user again. Anyway, the profile switch (to the Admin-account this time) still failed. A
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